Freedom of Choice Health Plan

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Freedom of Choice Health Policy

SD18 (80/20): Preferred Plus Freedom of Choice Coverage In and Out of the Hospital 

$250,000 Aggregate per Person for Each Covered Sickness and Accident Maximum Lifetime Policy Benefit of $3,000,000

  • Your Choice of Decreasing Deductibles: $400.00 the 1st year, $200.00 the 2nd Year and Vanishes Thereafter.
  • Pays on Hospital Expenses subject to Daily Hospital Benefits.
  • Plus Additional Benefits for Critical Illness we will pay an Extra $600 a day for Heart Attack, Strokes, or Malignant Cancers of the Breast or Prostate.
  • In-Hospital Physicians Benefits (Outpatient Surgery paid the same as In-Hospital Surgery) we pay 80% up to $20,000 then 100% up to $80,000 of the U&C charges on your Primary Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon and Anesthesiologist charges per surgical procedure.
  • After a $20 co-pay we will pay up to $75 for 12 office visits per person per policy year of the remaining U&C Physician’s charges for Physician’s Office Visits.
  • Also Pays 80% of the other covered Outpatient U&C Physicians Charges up to the Outpatient Aggregate, after a $100 policy year deductible; on X-Rays, MRI’s, Testing, etc. Per Person per policy year.
  • After a $20 co-pay we will pay up to $150 on Annual Well Care Benefits for Doctor’s office visits. Plus: Pays 100% on Pap smear screening for women 18 years of age and older. Plus: Pays 100% on screening for breast cancer with low-dose mammography for women 35 years old of age and older.
  • Pays on Immunizations in a Pharmacy or Doctor’s Office for all covered Family members.
  • For men we pay 100% on screening for detection of prostate cancer.
  • We pay on Prosthetic Devices and Orthotic Devices.

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This plan is offered by Southwest Service Life Insurance Company of Fort Worth, Texas and has provided Quality Health Insurance Coverage to fellow Texans for over 55 years.

Apply Today and Following Review, Get Coverage Quickly, Affordably and Permanently. It is Guaranteed Renewable for Life


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