Term Life with Living Benefits


In case something happen to you what would happen to your home, the college fund for your children, outstanding bills? Will your family be able to maintain your current standard of living? Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits will provide the protection your family needs in case of death, disability or you lose your job. This coverage could be the best financial move you take for your family. That’s why if you have a mortgage, family obligations, and bills to pay, it’s worth looking into term life insurance with living benefits.

What is Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits?

Term life insurance with living benefits simply is life insurance that pays your mortgage if a certain event, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or death. The cost of this policy depends on the amount of your benefits and your age and health. 

If you purchase term insurance with living it pays off your mortgage when you die. This frees your family from worrying about how to make the outstanding obligation knowing that their home and other bills are paid for. 

Who Should Choose Term Life with Living Benefits?

If you are wondering if you should choose living benefits coverage, then you need to ask yourself a few questions

  • Who are you leaving your debt to?
  • Can your family afford paying the mortgage and other bills without your income?
  • Do you have enough life insurance to cover the mortgage and bills in the event of your death?
  • How many years are left before the mortgage is paid off?
  • Can you continue paying your mortgage if you are out of work for an extended period due to illness?
  • Can you afford the monthly term life insurance with living benefits premiums?

If you are concerned about your family's ability to continue meet your financial obligations if you die or are ill, then you should seriously consider a living benefits option. When it comes time to buy mortgage protection insurance, learn about the features and price of each policy.

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